Alan Disparte is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Disparte’s work reflects the coexisting forces where nature and culture intersect. His playful use of color and form offer a surreptitious wink that, upon close inspection, reveal darker forces emerging from multi-layered motifs. Disparte’s hyperbolic mix of references to landscape, technology, standards of beauty and power, dreamscapes and gestural abstractions, mirror society’s chaotic dualism. Equal part nostalgia and disaster, Disparte’s explorations are rooted in his family’s migration from Missouri to California, where it followed the orange harvest. Disparte’s origins also extend to the Southwestern United States via Louisiana, Waco and San Antonio.

Disparte received his MFA in Painting and Video from San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. He has a BFA in Applied Arts from California Polytechnic University. Disparte has exhibited in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, La Jolla, Austin, Houston and London.